Law Reform

It is time that Public Safety was placed at the top of our agenda.

People are no longer safe in their own houses, let alone safe on the street.

My own mother; before she died; was threatened at her own front door, by an 8 year old girl brandishing a full size wood saw demanding 20p.

When reported, the Police did not respond, and were disinterested because of the age of the girl.

We will buld Junior Prisons and use the boot camp strategy to deter young ofenders.

The Police do a great job with poor funding, but the worst aspect of their job is when the judicial system fails them.

The Social Justice Party will…

  • Put the Bobby back on the beat
  • Scrap outdated laws
  • Introduce a No Alcohol regulation for drivers.
  • Legalise assisted Euthanasia.
  • Legalise Brothels and Prostitution.
  • Legislate against Neighbour disputes.
  • Give the Home Owners, the right to protect their property by force, free from prosecution.
  • Require vehicles that Fail their M.O.T. three times to be crushed.
  • Require drivers of all vehicles to be 18
  • Legalise Drugs

Why Legalise Drugs…

This country spends a fortune on facilities for drug dependancy. There is untold misery endured by the USER and all those affected by this. One of our biggest problems is Drug Related Crime. If we as a country legalise drugs, and facilitate its supply through our hospitals, we will ensure many positive changes. The most significant change will be that it will no longer be lucrative to the dealer. Our own national health service will be able to better support those affected, and create statistics to grasp the full extent of the problem.

We spend millions trying to fight criminal activities that would not persist if there was no money to be made from the activity, and the money would be better spent elsewhere. It is time we recognised that it is now socially acceptable, however distasteful to some, and the younger generation are quite aware of the action and risks they are taking. Legalising drugs would remove a portion of inmates from our prisons that are not criminals, who know the risks they are taking, and are prepared to accept the consequences. Who are we to judge in a free society…?

There will be a huge outcry from the public over this plan, but it is time to remove the power from the Drug Dealers.

Why Legalise Brothels & Prostitution

Known as the oldest trade in the world, it is time to take prostitution off the streets, and put medical safeguards into place. Brothels will be required to enforce regular medical checkups for sexually transmitted dieases. All income earned will be seen as taxable income. Curb crawling will be outlawed.

Capital Punishment

Many people want to see a return to capital punishment. Although there is opposition this, we understand the public’s justified outrage at current levels of violent crime. Our measures will be far more effective than previous governments.

Judical Reform

It is time to reform the judicial system.

The gap between Truth, and Justice gets wider. Court proceedings have become a game of chess enjoyed by the barrister representing the case. Clever manouvers in court, and technicalities, can mean the failure of prosecution, even if guilt is obvious.

Court Changes will include

  • Warrants will no longer be required for searches.
  • Previous Convictions will be disclosed.
  • If asked a question the person being asked will be allowed to give a full account, rather than being forced into a Yes or No answer.
  • Victims or their dependants will be allowed input in court.
  • All offences commited should be taken into account individually, and sentences run concurrently. They will no longer be taken into account.
  • Sentences should be Fixed Term. Life should mean Natural Life
  • Access to justice for all.
  • Declaration of Freemasonary.

Prison Reform

It is also time to reform the Prison System. The safety of the public is no longer guaranteed. People avoid helping each other, and witnesses are far less likely to come forward. Is this the society we want to live in ?

We no longer punish an offender, we send an offender to Prison and they learn how to commit more crime. It is not sufficient to simply Incarcerate the offender. It is time to Punish the offender.

The Social Justice Party will remove all leisure items such as…

  • Televisions
  • Radios
  • Pool Tables
  • Other social devices

NEW prisons will consist of…Individual Cells Containing

  • Cooking Facilities at set times
  • Bed
  • Toilet

There will be No communical activity

This will remove many difficult aspects confinement such as…

  • Rioting
  • Rape
  • Drug Trafficing
  • Criminal Education
  • Bullying

There will be an outcry for Human Rights, from those who have Invaded Human Rights.

It will offer time to reflect on what they have done in society, and offer the Deterrent which is no longer evident to the public. Educational persuits will be encouraged.

The Social Justice Party will restore strength to the judicial system, along with many other reforms.