The level of crime in Britain is unacceptably high. The government’s response has been unacceptably weak.

We will bring about a dramatic increase in police numbers, and radical changes to our criminal justice system.

We call for…

  • A ten percent annual increase in police numbers across the country, until crime levels are down to acceptable levels, and even greater increases in crime hotspots.
  • A substantial increase in resources for the police to combat crime, including more sophisticated IT systems, more support staff to free police officers from endless administration- which will get more bobbies out on the beat, more and better equipment, and more local police stations open 24 hours a day.
  • A national DNA database, together with a ID card system, compulsory for every British citizen. In future a DNA sample will be taken at birth.
  • Harsher sentencing – life that means life, all sentences to run their full term, higher fines based on a percentage of annual income.
  • A substantial prison building programme to eliminate overcrowding, and a constructive new regime to ensure every prisoner receives intensive education and rehabilitation in a strict but fair prison environment- no more leisure facilities, no more idle inactivity, and an unprecedented clampdown on drug use in prisons.
  • A major campaign for safer roads – a total ban on alcohol when driving, harsher sentences and automatic life bans for causing death by dangerous driving, more speed cameras and stricter enforcement of all motoring offences, dangerous vehicles confiscated and crushed.
  • Legislation to close loopholes in the law governing the availability of firearms.
  • An overhaul of the criminal justice system to speed up trials, prevent criminals being acquitted on technicalities, oblige the defence to disclose more to the prosecution pre-trial, and grant the prosecution the right of appeal against acquittals.
  • The return of Capital Punishment