At SJP, we believe that everyone is different, even identical twins sometimes have different taste for whatever reason. Our notion of diversity is far removed from the norm, we believe that individuals should be respected for who they are and we should not try to make one size to fit all. people should be treated […]
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Healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle Programme Social Justice Party has just finished a 6 week healthy lifestyle programme for children and young people aged from 6 to 16. The programme taught the young people about eating healthily, exercising regulary and many others things that keep our body in tip top condition. We had two groups partaking in the […]
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Current projects

St Clere’s School We are pleased to be working in partnership with St Clere’s School since 2004, our partnership work has grown from strength to Strength. We work within St Clere’s providing in-school mentoring where their pupils are supported one to one. This is so that St Clere’s can concentrate on what they do best […]
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Hall of Fame

Some people allow their situation to determine how far they will go, others use their situation as a stepping stone for change. Kiera Knightley, International Actress Kiera Knightly – Beautiful International Star Will Smith – A real Figure in the celebrity world – Proud Father of two stars These are just a few famous figures, […]
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Motivations and Inspirations

We are motivated by the belief that no one should be left behind, whatever their circumstances. We believe that everyone needs another opportunity and that the most vulnerable children, with our help and support, can transform their future. Equally that it is never too late to transform the lives of individuals. Our motivation also comes […]
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