Current projects

St Clere’s School

We are pleased to be working in partnership with St Clere’s School since 2004, our partnership work has grown from strength to Strength. We work within St Clere’s providing in-school mentoring where their pupils are supported one to one. This is so that St Clere’s can concentrate on what they do best and that is teaching. We act as a bridge between the School and Home providing much needed support especially to parents of new pupils, parents and pupils who are new to the area and have chosen to be part of St Clere’s School.

This year, we are running a peer mentoring programme where we will train selected young people in St Clere’s as peer mentors.

Stanford Youth Club – again St Clere’s is in support of the youth club that runs every Tuesday from 6.30 – 8.30pm during term time and day time during holidays. It is without a doubt that the Management Board of St Clere’s School are passionate about young people and would seize every opportunity available to engage them in and out of school. St Clere’s gave the premises in kind as a contribution towards the running of the youth club.

Mr Griffiths the Headteacher of St Clere’s is a proud and a keen supporter of our work. His effort was crowned during the recent Ofsted report highlighting the association with IYC as beneficial and the joint work both within and Outside UK has been commended as well.

Hassenbrook School

We ran a pilot ‘in-school mentoring’ at Hassenbrook School last year. The programme was successful and we have been asked to run the programme again. it is exciting to know that what we are doing is making a difference in the life of young people and their families. Hassenbrook reported significant improvement in behaviours of those who took part in the pilot last year and in fact some of them could not wait to come on the programme again. young people who took part received achievement awards at an open ceremony to culmunate the success of the pilot.

At least, no one would say that the school has not gone the extra mile to ensure pupils are supported to achieve through positive scheme such as the in-school mentoring which tackle underlying behavioural issues.

We look forward to a successful partnerhsip work with Hassenbrook School.

East Tilbury Infant

We work in partnership with East Tilbury Infant providing support to parents and pre-school children. We run a coffee afternoon project in a bid to encourage parents of pre-school children to get to know more about the school. To provide support to new parents who their child/ren are new to formal education environment. The project also gives opportunity to children to play with other children of their age group. Parents will have the opportunity to socialise with other parents sharing knowledge and skills together.

The coffee afternoon runs every Friday from 1-3pm

East Tilbury Junior

The project at East Tilbury Junior is focused around mentoring young people displaying some element of behavioural problems at an early stage. We have mentors working with a group of young people during normal school hours with the aim of preventing escalation of bad behaviours, pointing them to the alternatives and more importantly to protect others from distraction such behaviours can have on them.

As part of this programme we will be supporting young people during playtime – providing different activities that are fun and at the same time stimulate their sense of learning.

Ormiston Park Academy Youth Club

The youth club at Ormiston Park Academy is run more like that of St Clere’s School. The club started in April 2009 with initial funding from Thurrock Council. The School, just like St Clere’s pledged their support and contributed in kind the building toward the running of the club. The Club is successful with over 30 young people in attendance each session.

Chafford Hundred

We run youth club at the All Saints Church, Beacon Centre in Chafford Hundred for young people age 5 up to 16, there are different activities and fun games for all ages. Young people like to attend because they are well supervised and learn practical life skills activities.

Inspiration Peer Mentoring

Role Description: Volunteer Peer Mentor

Role Summary: To provide weekly one to one support to a young person who is currently experiencing barriers to social and educational achievement; this may be due to factors such as social deprivation, feelings of low self-esteem and learning difficulties. The role involves working with the young person to identify and achieve their goals. The meetings will be face to face at agreed appropriate locations and last around 4 months.

Hours: Average of an hour each week; able to commit for 4 months or more.

Responsible to: Inspiration Peer Mentoring Project Coordinator

Key tasks:

  • To act as a mentor for young people wishing to participate more in their local community
  • To conduct weekly one to one mentoring sessions for a limited period of time
  • To assist the young person to identify and achieve their goals
  • To attend training and support sessions

Key qualities and skills:

  • To have your own experience of feeling and being disengaged from school and the wider community
  • To be a good listener
  • To be able to share your experiences
  • To be able to remain non-judgemental
  • To be able to maintain boundaries and confidentiality
  • Aged 14 – 19

What is in it for you:

  • Increase your own self-esteem
  • An opportunity to help someone else and ‘give back’
  • Development of listening, empathy and communication skills
  • Enhance your prospects for the future
  • Experience and references for future courses and employment
  • Travel and lunch costs reimbursed

Why we want you:

  • You are an ‘expert by experience’ and are the best person to assist other young people
  • You are the crucial link between the wider community and the young person

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