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No one City has a monopoly on having the worst drugs problems anymore, some may have more issues with heroin, some with crack cocaine, and some with a frightening gun culture linked to drugs. Sadly for parents, the drugs issue is something that they have to face up to talking to their children about, from an increasingly early age – so much for our kids innocently going about their lives with not a care in the world, until that is, when they reach a reasonable age, when we need to discuss such things.

What is the reality of drugs to people, most of us would not know were to look for them, we know that an awful lot of crime is linked to drugs, that may have affected us or our neighbours, and we regularly read about the tragedies that affect families, when a son or a daughter dies of a drugs overdose, some of us may even know these families and are shocked that it could have happened to them. On a daily basis we hear on the news about yet another drugs related issue, and we talk about it, and find some people have really strong views about drug addicts being the scum of the world. So were does this leave most of us as parents – worried, anxious, wanting to wrap our kids in cotton wool and bury our heads in the sand, does it give us all a prejudiced opinion…

Reality is that we need to keep our children informed about the risks of drug misuse in a non-threatening way, that gets the message across in a knowledgeable way through parents and guardians, who have been given the opportunity to understand the changing perception of drugs within our communities, supported by schools and other agencies. Dads Against Drugs offers that opportunity not just to our children and their families and wider community, but also to the families blighted by drugs, we are not intolerant to their needs, and we would hope that we can move forward in a way that benefits all.

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