Welcome to the UK’s newest political party…

The Social Justice Party.

Again Britain is in turmoil over what to believe from the main stream political parties.

social justice party

After 18 years of suffering the Conservatives were given the boot, and the people voted for change. The Labour Party was given the chance to deliver change, and proceeded to prove that New Labour is nothing short of New Conservative. The people expected more, and got less.

The British People Are being Short Changed, compared to the rest of the world.

I have a word of advice for the government, Listen to the People.

The Social Justice Party will represent the people.

It is time we did something to bring back British Pride.

We Will Listen to the People..!

It has been far too long since a genuine chance of change was offered to the British Public.

The Social Justice Party guarantees to force drastic change. For far too long votes have been cast in order to keep parties out, rather than to vote one in. The three horse race is a tired analogy, even if it is true.

It is now common knowledge that politicians are no longer trusted by the public, and who can blame them. Time after time, politians use media discussion to score party points, rather than putting the publics mind at ease.

Politicians are well known for…

  • Side Stepping
  • Changing the subject
  • Scoring political points
  • Refusing to answer a question
  • NOT Taking Responsibility
  • Avoiding the Issue
  • NOT Admitting fault
  • Telling Half Truths

It takes Determination to start the drastic changes needed.

It is time to put your Trust in a political party that Guarantees to put the voter’s choice’s forward and Not its own opinion.

The Social Justice Party is the way forward.


Do YOU feel let down ? I’m sure you do. When your party candidate votes personally on an important issue according to his own judgement, what can you do about it… NOTHING. If your candidate abstaines from a vote that means a great deal to you, he is not truely representing you. Be it because of political pressure, or personal belief, what can you do about it NOTHING.

I make this promise, that this will never happen with us. We guarantee to follow the demand of the public that put their trust in us, irrelevant of personal opinion.

I make this promise that there will be NO ABSTENTIONS

I would only ask before our radical changes outrage you, that you take the time to follow the links and read our viewpoints.

Join the Social Justice Party

Change does not come easily

Please read our Manifesto